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the illuminARTi collection

Artist thomadro has achieved another milestone in the world of art – the illuminARTi collection. These breakthrough works combine painting techniques, both classic and innovative, with contemporary materials and technologies to create a never before seen vision of the world around us.

The paintings themselves are executed in an exaggerated form of old master paintings. Whereas, the masters would build thin layers of translucent pigmented oil glazes over an under-painting – thom builds layers of translucent and opaque acrylic, resin, lacquer, ink and other mediums to achieve depth not achievable in traditional painting. He must think dimensionally in addition to spatially in order to give a sense of unity to the elements in the painting. His inventiveness creates specific effects that would be otherwise impossible to achieve with any other painting techniques. Inventing these new painting techniques might be enough for some as a life achievement, but not for thomadro.

As his palette may suggest, thomadro has never been intimidated by colour. Bright – Bold – Imaginative are just a few of the terms easily applied by viewers of thom’s work. By definition, colour is result of and caused by differing qualities and frequencies of light transmitted or reflected to our eyes and definable into perceived values of hue, lightness, and saturation. When light is absent so is colour. Not anymore!!!

thomadro's fascination with photoluminescence began as a art student in the 1970’s. Black light, Day-Glo, and Zinc Sulphide. He was disappointed by the lack of palette diversity available and the need for additional equipment to view the luminous effect. In the eighties he corresponded with other artists who were interested in luminous painting but came up with the same conclusion – not enough pigment variety and no sustainability to the “glow”. But new technologies and the “green movement” away from fossil fuels have provided a new generation of luminous chemical compounds that peaked thom’s interest once again. Following six years of experimental work, combining his unique painting techniques with these new pigments, thom founded the illuminARTi society and unveiled the illuminARTi collection to the world. These paintings are a truly exclusive new painting realm. They achieve a dual effect. In the light of day the work has more depth than traditional painting and the brush strokes literally float at different levels inside the painting. Also and invisibly the painting itself is preparing for night. As the light begins to dim and the sun goes down and the “magic” of thomadro’s work commences. The colours of the painting turn on as the light goes off in direct contradiction with the perceived laws of colour reflection. This effect provides the viewer an additional “hidden” painting viewed only in the absence of a light source. The night view can last up to 10 hours depending on the colours of the pigments and on the quality and quantity of the light absorbed during the day. These paintings must be experienced in person to be believed and appreciated. There are only a few select galleries that represent these works as collector response has been, to say the least, quite phenomenal and thom can only paint a finite amount of pieces.

For more information call your professional art consultant about this exceptional artwork.