The Artist

A true renaissance man, Thomadro has been bringing joy and beauty into the world since his youthful days growing up in Cincinnati,Ohio. His parents encouraged the natural sense of color, composition, the ming and humor that was apparent in a color drawing Thom created before his second birthday. His first “work” still hangs, professionally framed, in his parents' home. 

Thom developed many of his artistic gifts throughout his youth including sculpting, printmaking, jewelry design, photography and musicianship.  But painting emerged as his overriding passion and he achieved a B. A. in Fine Art from San Diego State University in 1974.  That year, he had his first one man show.

Since then, Thom has been exhibited all over the world and his patron list reads like a Who's Who.

Equus Entertainment has commissioned artist Thomadro for the Las Vegas World Invitational, October 14th-15th, 2005. Charity to benefit.

Raising the Bar is the premier piece for the Las Vegas World Invitational. You can buy this exclusive piece here.